Town Agency - North Queensland


Town Agency for Cairns, Innisfail and North Queensland

We are the Innisfail, Cairns, and North Queensland town agents for interstate, overseas and non-local lawyers and debt collection agencies.  Both Queensland and interstate law firms use our services because of our professionalism and knowledge of the Queensland Court processes.

We have significant legal expertise to provide you with confidence in our handling of your clients’ matters. Our broad litigation experience enables us to provide strategic, procedural and substantive dispute resolution and litigation advice.

In addition, our litigation and criminal law experience ensures familiarity with the rules and customary practices of courts in Queensland so that we can provide strategic assistance with documents, research and general case management.

We will provide timely and comprehensive reports.  Once instructed, we will attend to your matter and report back to you within 24 hours of dealing with your matter.

We are located within driving distance to most courts in North Queensland, including the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts in Cairns; the Magistrates and District Court in Innisfail, and the Magistrates Courts in Tully, Atherton and Mareeba.

We accept agency work in any area of law in which we practice, including criminal law, traffic law, litigation, debt recovery and employment law.

Our town agency services

  • Court lodgements and appearances in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts in North Queensland for mentions, adjournments, applications/notices of motion, directions hearings, pre-trial conferences, trials and enforcement hearings

  • Preparing and/or filing Court documents

  • Legal searching

  • Caveat lodgement and withdrawal

Ask us about becoming your town agent

If you are a solicitor with a matter in the Magistrates, District or Supreme Courts in Cairns; the Magistrates or District Court in Innisfail; or the Magistrates Courts at Tully, Atherton or Mareeba and you require a town agency please contact Chris Kahler, Managing Director.

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