Speeding in Queensland

In Queensland you must ensure that you only drive within designated speed limits.

Speeding Penalties in Queensland

If you are caught speeding in Queensland, either by a policeman, or a speed camera, you will be issued a speeding fine.  For more serious cases, you may be given a Notice to Appear which will require you to attend Court to be sentenced by a Magistrate.

Every speeding offence will result in a fine and the incurring of demerit points against your traffic history.  If you accumulate too many demerit points, you will face a licence suspension of at least three months.

A high-speed offence is regarded as driving in excess of 40km/hr over the speed limit, and is a very serious offence. This will result in licence suspension by the Department of Transport for a period of six months, and a Magistrate may also impose a further disqualification.

If you incur too many demerit points or if you commit a high-speed offence, you may be eligible for a special hardship order which will allow you to get a restricted licence to continue driving for work or personal reasons.

Current as at November 2016

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