In a move to strengthen what were already Australia’s strongest child sex offender laws, the Queensland Government has amended legislation relevant to persons guilty of child sex offences.

Police and courts now have more power and monitoring provisions in tracking those convicted of offences in an effort to better protect the community, with serious sexual offenders being strictly monitored for the rest of their lives.

The police and courts will have access to a great deal of information relevant to child sex offenders, namely where they live, travel, any contact with children, any distinctive changes to their appearance, details of their phone and internet connections and any social media accounts or interactions.  Further to this, under a definitional broadening police will have powers to restrict movement of convicted offenders, for example potentially preventing them from living or working near a school.  A failure by offenders to meet strict reporting conditions can be met by up to 5 years in jail.

Introduced at the end of 2018, these laws are set to affect around 35 individuals coming off dangerous prisoner orders in the next 5 years, with more to be added as the monitoring program continues.

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