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Queenslanders should have a right to professional legal representation even if they have financial hardship. This is why Kahler Lawyers operates on a No Win, No Fee basis for all personal injury compensation claims we agree to take on.

Our No Win No Fee policy simply means that if you do not win your case, you do not have to pay us for any costs or legal fees incurred by us in pursuing your compensation claim.  Our fees are instead deducted from the amount awarded at the successful conclusion of your matter.

A concern for a lot of injured people is the impression that fees will eat up all of the compensation claimed and maybe more.

It is important to know that this cannot happen in Queensland in personal injury claims.  There is a ceiling on legal costs which is regulated by what is commonly known as “The 50% Rule”.  That rule says that even if legal fees are properly charged, the lawyer cannot make more fees out of it than what an injured person gets from a settlement or judgment at Court arising from a personal injury claim.  Accordingly, once refunds have been paid to Centrelink and Medicare and other Government agencies, and all fees paid for Doctor reports and Barristers, the solicitor’s fee must be no more than 50% of what is left over.  If the fee is higher than 50%, then those fees must be reduced so the solicitor receives no more in fees (inclusive of GST) than the client.

Upfront, we will advise you in detail about your right to claim and your prospects of success in a no obligation, initial consultation.  We will carefully assess your matter and provide you with a realistic opinion about your chances of winning the claim.   If you decide to engage our services after this consultation, you will receive a credit for the cost of this initial consultation.

Should we agree to proceed with your case, our basis for charging will be made very clear, and any amounts to be deducted for costs will be clearly explained.


A ‘no win, no fee’ agreement means that if your claim is unsuccessful and you receive no compensation, then you will not be obligated to pay any legal fees or outlays of our firm.

  • Our fees are not payable until the end of your claim
  • We pay, or arrange payment for, all of the out-of-pocket expenses for your claim, including expert reports from our preferred medical specialists
  • You will not have to repay us our outlays and disbursements if you receive no compensation

When is our No Win, No Fee agreement available?

Kahler Lawyers offers a no win, no fee payment agreement for all areas of personal injury compensation law.

The circumstances of each client and compensation case are unique and our no win no fee lawyers will assess your claim and discuss any issues that arise before you agree to sign on as a client.


Your obligations in a No Win, No Fee Agreement

  • be open and honest by telling us everything that is relevant to your claim so we can provide you with the most accurate legal advice for your circumstances
  • inform us straight away when there are any changes in your circumstances that might impact your claim
  • ask questions about any legal advice given that you do not understand and if you are satisfied, accept and follow this advice

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