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North Queensland Domestic Violence Lawyers

Our domestic violence lawyers have extensive experience in all areas of domestic violence law in Queensland. We work with clients in Cairns, Innisfail, the Cassowary Coast region, the Atherton Tablelands region and elsewhere throughout North Queensland.

When it comes to domestic violence law, our domestic violence lawyers are committed to providing the best representation and working through the sensitive issues that arise during this time.

  • We Act for the Aggrieved
  • We Act for the Respondent
  • We Act for those who are Charged with Contravening/Breaching a Temporary or Permanent Protection Order.

Are you a victim of domestic violence?

If your spouse deliberately injures you, damages your property, intimidates or harasses you, treats you indecently without your consent or threatens to do any of these things, you are a victim of domestic violence.

Under Queensland law, you may apply for special protection from violence if you have been in, or are in:

  • an intimate personal relationship: for example, de facto, engaged, dating, married
  • an informal care relationship: where a person is dependent on another for help in an activity of daily living such as cooking for them or dressing them
  • a family relationship: of a child, your relatives, a parent or former parent

The Courts have the power to issue a domestic violence order (DVO) which includes an order to not commit future acts of domestic violence, and may contain other conditions such as a requirement to stay away from the aggrieved person’s work or home. The Court will make the order if convinced that there has been violence and it is likely to occur again.

Our domestic violence lawyers will help you get protection.  We can help you to apply to a Magistrates Court for a protection order to protect yourself and your family. We will represent and support you at all stages of this process, including  preparing and filing applications, appearing at Court mentions, liaising with the respondent or their legal representative, preparing and filing affidavit material, and preparing for and appearing at final hearings.

Has someone tried to make a DVO against you?

Protection orders have the potential to place significant limitations on the respondent’s liberty and should only be made in appropriate circumstances.

You can object to an order being made against you and have the matter adjourned for trial at a later date. Under these circumstances, an interim DVO will be issued until the trial date.

If somebody has made a DVO against you, it is important to seek legal advice from an experienced domestic violence solicitor as soon as possible so that your rights are explained and protected where possible.

Our domestic violence lawyers will assist you to respond to an application for protection.

Have you been charged with a Domestic Violence Order?

The breach of a DVO is a criminal matter and can result in a criminal conviction being recorded. A breach of a DVO can result in a penalty ranging from a fine to imprisonment.

If you’ve been charged with a breach of a DVO, you need an experienced criminal lawyer to assess your options, work on your defence, and to reduce your penalty as much as possible.

Our North Queensland domestic violence lawyers provide legal advice and support to people who are looking to defend charges for breaches of a DVO.

If you’ve been charged with breaching a DVO, contact us.

Our lawyers work with clients all over North Queensland on Domestic Violence cases

Our North Queensland domestic violence lawyers work with clients in the Cairns and Cassowary Coast regions (including Edmonton, Gordonvale, Deeral, Babinda, Innisfail, Mundoo, Wangan, South Johnstone, East Palmerston, Mena Creek, Etty Bay, Mourilyan, Silkwood, Kurrimine Beach, Cowley, Mission Beach, El Arish, Feluga, Tully, Euramo, Kennedy and Cardwell), the Atherton Tablelands region (including Millaa Millaa, Malanda, Yungaburra, Atherton, Mareeba, Kuranda, Tolga, Tinaroo, Kairi, Walkamin, Ravenshoe and Herberton) and elsewhere throughout North Queensland.

We are determined to not let the distances between towns in North Queensland be a barrier for you to get the best legal services available.  We use technologies such as Skype video conferencing to make connecting easy, despite where you live.  Where appropriate, we can also come to you.

When you next need legal advice, contact us via email or phone or visit our offices in Cairns or Innisfail.  We are also happy to arrange a Skype consultation if travel time is an issue.

For legal advice regarding a domestic violence, contact us today.

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